"I’m going to try to express what being part of the 2020 Community has meant to me over the last 2+ years. After many rewrites, the words still probably won’t be exactly right, but here goes… 

Throughout my life, I have struggled a lot with self-esteem and self-confidence issues. Despite my accomplishments and the amazing experiences I’ve had, I never felt quite “good enough”. Other people seemed to have had an easier time figuring out life and I was frustrated that my life wasn’t turning out how I had wanted or planned. 

For things to be different, you have to do something different and I needed a starting point. So I signed-up for CrossFit. Since I was looking to get healthier, wanted a strength-training program, and already knew several of the coaches and clients, 2020 seemed like a good choice.

I could not predict how right my decision has been.

I began with the intent of losing weight and getting leaner and yes, I’m super excited I’ve hit some goal numbers on the scale and in the dressing room, but my experience has gone beyond that. I am part of a community filled with some of the most amazing and genuine people I’ve ever met and I am so blessed to call so many of them my friends. Every time I show up for class, I’m guaranteed at least an hour of positive, encouraging energy, “can-do” attitudes, smiles, and laughter (so much laughter!). Everyone pushes each other to do and be their best. And I do what I can to give the same to everyone else.

To paraphrase a popular saying – you become like those you surround yourself with. Sure, I come to 2020 to lift heavy things and function better externally, but I keep coming because being around all of these uplifting people day-in and day-out has also helped me function better internally.

My attitude at work has improved. I’m not as stressed overall and I’m more equipped to deal with stressful situations when they do come along – letting them be moments, rather than thought-consuming, sleep-stealers. My interactions and relationships with others are more open and less guarded. Most importantly, the confidence I’ve gained through every PR and high-five has translated into overall confidence in myself and how I see my life.

I’ve told several people that going to the gym (though it’s so much more than that) is as good for me mentally as it is physically. I cannot thank the 2020 Community enough for everything they’ve done and the impact they’ve had on me, probably without realizing they were doing it."

-Tina Schulz