Would you like to give 2020FIT a try? 

Sometimes the best way to find the right fitness community is to try a few classes. Join us for a week of complimentary classes to see what 2020FIT is all about and if we're going to be your future fitness community. 

Simply select the class you'd like to come to and plan on being 10 minutes early so we can get your acquainted with the facility and introduce you to your coach for the day.
You're welcome to try as many classes as you'd like over the course of a week.
We want to get to know you and before you make the investment, we want you to get to know us. Please take advantage!
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You should consult a doctor before engaging in any physical fitness program. You are responsible for your own health.


We want everyone to stay safe and healthy, and we have to remind you to use any information posted here at your own risk. We provide information, judgment calls, assumptions and recommendations that are appropriate for most athletes, but there are ALWAYS exceptions with every individual athlete, including you.

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