"I had heard about CrossFit but didn’t really know much about it.  When I read in the Shawnee Mission Post that 2020 Fitness was moving into the old Prairie Village Post Office, I decided to check it out.  Once I met with Jon Rowley and his staff at 2020 and heard the details, I knew it was for me. The idea of a challenging workout regimen that combines strength building, cardio training and flexibility was exactly what I was looking for.   


In the past, I had worked out on my own with only limited success.  I had trouble really pushing myself to achieve significant results. That has not been an issue at 2020.  The combination of rigorous and varied workout plans with the class structure challenged me to do things I could not or would not do by myself.


Everyone who joins 2020 Fitness starts with an “on-ramp” program that prepares you for the classes.  The on-ramp program consists of four one-on-one training sessions where you learn the basic weight lifting and cardio exercises.  Every class lasts about an hour and begins with a 5-10 minute warm-up focused on that day’s workout, followed by strength and cardio work and ends with stretching.  The classes vary each day so that you are constantly strengthening different muscle groups and working on different skills.  The classes are extremely well organized and move quickly, which makes for a time-efficient workout.  Classes are scheduled throughout the day, so I can workout before or after work, depending on my schedule.  The facilities are top notch.  The gym is large, bright and clean.  Jon is constantly making it even better.


What about injury?  In the past I had heard stories about people getting hurt doing CrossFit and I had some concern going in (I turn 60 this month).  From the beginning, the staff at 2020 stressed proper technique and only lifting weights that are appropriate for me.  The coaching staff encourages, but never pushes and I always leave the gym feeling better than I felt going in.  Injury has not been an issue for me.  That’s not to say that I’m not sore sometimes. I certainly am, but that’s what I’m there for!


Finally, the people.  2020 Fitness is truly a community.  It begins with a terrific staff made up of knowledgeable, fun people who make everyone feel welcome, engaged and challenged.  But it’s not just the staff.   The class participants are also key to the community.  The classes are made up of bright, energetic men and women of all ages, from teens to people in their 60’s and 70’s, and all fitness levels.  I’ve made many new friends at 2020.  This community environment is real and it makes for an experience that is neither competitive nor intimidating.  Everyone genuinely wants everyone else to improve and have fun.


I’ve been a member of this great community for 2-½ years now and the results are far better than anything I’ve ever experienced or really expected. I’ve lost a lot of weight and, importantly, have kept it off for more than a year.  I’ve literally had to buy all new clothes. I am stronger, fitter and more flexible than I was at age 40.  

Regardless of your age or fitness level, if you’re looking for a workout program where you can see real results working with a tremendous group of people, I encourage you to check out 2020 Fitness.  It has certainly worked for me!"

-Rob Barnes