As one of two working parents and a father of two young boys, it’s a challenge to balance my work and family life. My job keeps me away from home for more than half the month, so time at home with the family is precious. Finding a gym that is effective and efficient and one that guides me to a healthy and fit lifestyle is essential. This is why I love exercising at 2020 Fitness.

The workouts are incredible! Each incorporates a few minutes of warm up, followed by stretching and mobility. The last half is devoted to conditioning and cool down. The variety and intensity I get from a workout at 2020 Fitness is unmatched and far exceeds what I could do on my own.

The coaches are the best! Jon, the owner, along with Patty, Jeremy and others, provide me with just the right amount of professional guidance and coaching throughout each workout. They maximize my time by keeping me focused on doing the movements correctly and push me to improve my performance. They really understand that we all live busy lives and therefore keep the daily workouts effective and very efficient. In addition, Jon and company offer several classes each day, which is convenient. Some classes include daycare supervision which helps me make it all work.

Most important is the wonderful camaraderie and community that I experience at 2020 Fitness. I get to share these awesomely intense workouts with all types of people from around the neighborhood – people I would have never met had it not been for 2020 Fitness.


-Nick Arganbright