My wife has wanted to be a crossfitter for as long as I can remember.  It's literally one of the longest, ongoing conversations we've been having over our 20-year relationship. Unfortunately, she's also riddled with physical conditions that don't lend well to a life spent tossing tires, ropes, and boxes around, much less massive amounts of weightlifting, pullups and double-unders. So when some of our best friends mentioned this crossfit gym they had been attending and their love for it, my eyes admittedly rolled at knowing what was coming next: my wife's perennial pitch on joining a crossfit gym. I'll spare you the details on the weeks of "discussion" in between and let you know: we made the dive. Our friends told us that this one wasn't like most other crossfit gyms.  There were no mirrors for people to stare at themselves, people wore all their clothes, the coaches actually cared about members' health, and everyone fostered a truly encouraging and positive atmosphere.  It was a community of people of all ages looking to improve their overall health, not a high school gym class competition. Within a couple of weeks of joining, we knew we had made a brilliant decision.

2020 is led by a wonderful team of coaches and staff who care deeply for each and every member.  From the gym owner down to the newest member on staff, nary a day goes by that most of them don't ask how you're doing, how they can help you achieve a better you, or simply about how your weekend went. The coaches encourage everyone to take workouts at a healthy pace, and are very hands-on in their approach to ensuring each and every person is challenging themselves without compromising any specific health issues.  "Scaling" is encouraged, however they're always there to encourage you to do your best!

The approach at 2020 has been successful for me for two primary reasons: the accountability factor that becomes ingrained in a community/family set up such as this; and the coach-led approach where every day is a different workout that you yourself didn't have to research, plan and prepare for.  Variety.

-Mike Owells