"I am so very fortunate to be a now three-and-a-half year member of the 2020 Fitness community. While always maintaining a fairly active lifestyle over the years as primarily a runner, I have never experienced such a universal way to build endurance, strength and mobility as the outstanding coaching staff have provided me and the other members of this unique community! The careful and consistent focus to properly build a program tailored to anyone’s fitness level is incredible to experience as the coaching staff is dedicated to guiding each individual through proper technique to safely help everyone attain a noticeably better level of fitness over time. Over the last three-plus years, I am amazed to see not only what I have been able to accomplish, but also to witness the countless transformations of so many other members that literally range from those in their teens to and through those in their 60s!

As a husband, father of three, and grandfather of four, I am thrilled with my improved quality of daily life to, as an example, walk 18 holes of golf and then take the grandkids to the park to run and play with them while feeling energized throughout. I look forward to many more years working with Jon, his tremendous coaching staff and being a part of this warm community of fun, supportive and energetic people of all ages! Thank you 2020 Fitness!!"


-Mike McGannon