"Last fall I was hours away from a flight to St. Louis for a team meeting when a co-worker called to tell me that the company t-shirts we’d be wearing to our charity event were “really, really, tight.” Within seconds I was thinking about the really, really tight waistband on everything I owned. Minutes later I was in the car headed to the mall for a larger pair of jeans. On my way I called Jon at 2020 CrossFit.

“I’m on my way to the mall to buy fat jeans. I’ll drop by right now to sign up. I’ve got to do something!” 


I was a 48 year old mother of three working full time and traveling frequently as a part of my job. I felt awful. I looked awful and couldn’t sleep. My anxiety and stress levels were through the roof after my employer sold my business unit to a competitor. Every night I went to bed vowing I’d take better care of myself. Last fall marked the end of 13 years of making everything but me a priority. 

2020 CrossFit was a fit for me right away. Coaches spent an hour with me during each of my first four sessions explaining the importance of flexibility, functional movement, and strength to our longevity and the quality of life. They taught me how to properly and safely lift weights, something I’d never done. At first I struggled to do a push up, sit ups, or a burpee. Running 400 meters felt like it took forever. The 2020 coaches showed me how to scale everything so I could safely participate in the class and begin to build my strength and endurance. 

I put my fat jeans away within six weeks. By Christmas my new smaller pants didn’t fit. I still scale some elements of the workout (I am 49), but I feel great. I’m strong and much more flexible. I eat well and sleep well. My stress levels and blood pressure dropped like a rock. Now, I’m the priority one hour a day, four or five days a week.

I love the friendly, positive, motivating environment at 2020 CrossFit. We’re neighbors of all ages, all making ourselves better together. I look forward to heading to 2020 CrossFit every time I go. Anyone who’s been around me this past year will tell you I encourage them to try it. My husband and kids finally tired of my daily description of the workouts and how proud I was of my improvements. Now all five of us are a part of the 2020 community. I’m a 2020 CrossFit evangelist."


-Kirsten Steiert