"Monday was my 1 year at 2020 CrossFit! Woooo hooo! 

Since it’s my 1-year anniversary I figured it’s a good time to send another thank you email and brag a little bit. 

A year ago, I raced in the annual Trolley Run for my 3rd time. My time was just under 39 minutes. This was April 26, 2015, about a week or so before I joined 2020 CrossFit. I remember talking to Dave (a coach at 2020 and good friend), and bragging that I beat my time from 2014. Then Dave made fun of me (in good spirits), and said I should join 2020, “it will change your life.” 

He was correct. My only regret is that I didn’t listen the other times him he told me to join. I always wish I started sooner. Hindsight is truly 2020.

I trained for the race by running every other day for about 2 months before the last 3 races. This year, the only training I did was my daily workout at 2020. It paid off! This year in my 4th annual Trolley run, I set a new record by 2 minutes, just under 37 minutes! 

So please send my THANK YOU to everyone for making my first year fun, and for coaching me. Thank you Jeff, thank you Jeremy, thank you Patty, thank you Dave, and thank you Jon.
The atmosphere you create on a daily basis is without a doubt my favorite part of 2020.
I never dread it when I’m on my way to the gym. I always know one of you will be coaching the class and will help me with my form, encourage me, and most importantly make sure I stay accountable."

-Joel Parker