Step #1

Sign Up

To safely prepare you to be successful in our group classes, we will show you the facility, introduce you to the movements, and allow you to meet and work with our coaches. Upon completing the on-ramp, you'll join us in group classes where we'll hope to see you 3+ times per week. To sign up, click the link to the right and we'll look forward to hearing from you!

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Throughout the on-ramp you will gain an understanding of the foundational movements, scaling options for all workouts, CrossFit jargon, equipment used, and an overall idea of what a ‘typical day’ will be like training at 2020 Fitness. The on-ramp fee is $99 and is charged when you initially sign up. You'll be charged on the day you start your on-ramp a prorated monthly training fee based on your monthly rate ($199 or $149 for the second family member or Fire/Military/LEO/Teacher). NOTE: If you commit to 6 months, paid monthly, we'll waive your on-ramp fee


Please Note: Sports Performance & SwingFit clients do not need to do the on-ramp

Step #2

Schedule + Attend Your On-Ramp

Upon signing up, you'll receive an auto email with instructions on scheduling your on-ramp sessions as well as setting your Wodify account up. On-ramps can take place Monday - Friday between 5:15am & 7:00pm, scheduled at your convenience. We simply ask that you try and get the 2 sessions scheduled within a 7 day period so you can establish the habit of getting to the gym on a regular basis. 

Step #3

Join Group Classes (and never look back)

We're fortunate to offer 11 classes daily well as classes on the weekends. To view our complete schedule please click HERE

Once you finish your on-ramp, you're ready to start coming to classes on a regular basis. The expectation is that you'll attend class 3+ times per week. The most successful clients we have make an effort of keeping a regular routine - We want you to do the same. Utlize our Wodify booking system to reserve your class slot and hold yourself accountable to attend regularly.