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Welcome to your new fitness home! By making this investment in your health, you will be surrounding yourself with positive people all working to become the best versions of themselves and the best coaching staff in the area to help YOU get to where you want to be. 

Additional Family Members, Military, LEO, FIRE & Teachers receive $50 discount per month.


GUARANTEED RESULTS -  It’s simple - Just show up 3+ times per week and we’ll take care of the rest. The results will be guaranteed - we’ve seen it every day since our founding in 2012.. We’ll work with you on your nutrition, help you enhance your lifestyle and help you pursue the health you’ve always dreamed of. Guaranteed. 

COMMUNITY -  It’s about the people. You join the gym for the results you’re after. You stay for the relationships and the commitment our team has for making our clients successful. 

ACCOUNTABILITY -  When you join 2020, there is an expectation that we’re going to see you - often. When we don’t, we’ll be personally reaching out to make sure everything is all right and what we can do to get you back in. You’re getting more than a gym, you’re receiving a guarantee that we’ll ask you to follow through and hold you accountable. 

PROGRAMMING -  Professionally developed training program created by one of the only CrossFit Level 3 trainers in KC. You’ll never have the chance to get bored or plateau. It’s accessible on the road or where ever you find yourself so you can always stay engaged. 

EXPERT COACHING -  The area’s most credentialed training staff that delivers with passion for your health. We practice what we preach and are always looking for ways to help you improve your experience and get you the results you’re after. 

30 MIN HIIT CLASSES -  High intensity training, efficient use of your time. The perfect program for anyone looking to improve their conditioning, build general strength and endurance. Utilizing functional movements with lighter loading, it’s the perfect program for a great sweat when you’re short on time. 

CROSSFIT CLASSES -  Our complete fitness program, CrossFit, is designed to increase General Physical Preparedness, i.e. prepare you to do anything. Our CrossFit classes are 45 minutes long and include a periodized strength program in addition to a daily conditioning workout. This is the ideal program for anyone who wants to make their fitness a part of their lifestyle, improve strength, endurance and mobility. 

MOBILITY TRAINING -  Foundational to any complete fitness program, we designate time in every class to improve our flexibility i.e. mobility. This is a core principle of what we do at 2020, we help people move better. Commonly called 'stretching', there is much more to taking care for the body and we teach you the skills you need to just do that. 

YOGA -  A perfect way to achieve active recovery and break up the week, Yoga is included in all 2020FIT plans. 

BARBELL -  Designed to help build strength and skill in the Olympic lifts, the 2020 Barbell program meets 2x weekly and offers accessory programming 5x weekly to help you build strength as you work towards specific goals. The transfer of movement to the CrossFit classes is incredible as clients see faster workout times, improved body composition and enjoy the camaraderie of a tight knit group. 

SWINGFIT -  Sport specific training program designed to help golfers improve their game. Whether you want to hit the ball further, be more consistent or simply improve flexibility, SwingFit is an ideal program for any golfer who wants to achieve their goals on the golf course.

NUTRITION COUNSELING -  As much as we believe fitness is paramount to being a healthy individual, nutrition really packs 80% of the results. As a part of our Concierge program, you'll be asked to track your food and will be provided personalized guidance based on your goals.

BODY COMPOSITION TESTING -  Provided by 2020's inBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer, we have the capacity to quickly measure muscle mass, fat mass, and body water levels. We recommend testing on a monthly basis to gauge progress. It is the perfect tool to utilize and is included as a part of the Concierge program. 




Looking for added accountability or to take your fitness to the next level? Private training & nutrition counseling are the best way to improve your confidence in the gym and enhance your decisions in the kitchen. Our coaches will guide you and guarantee to hold you accountable towards hitting your goals. 


Free Child Care

It's hard to get to the gym, let alone when you have to navigate around being a busy parent. Child care at 2020 is included with 

all programs and is offered Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 10:00 am. Take advantage and show your kids first hand that you're the role model they want to follow as it relates to living a healthy lifestyle.

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Drop In

Your opportunity to try a class and see if 2020FIT is right for you. When you join, we'll credit the $25 back to your account for your first month of training. Out of Town Drop-Ins are welcome to attend while in town. Please reserve per class. In town guests are welcome to visit but limited to one visit per month.

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Sports Performance


($79/month for 2020 clients' children)

2020's Sports Performance program is designed with the teen in mind, emphasizing safety of movement. Our Sports Performance classes offer kids an opportunity to be active, to make friends and to have an awesome hobby that will help them not only in the gym, but on the fields and in school.

To sign up, please click

Sports Performance 2.png

Strength &

($99/month for 2020 clients' children)

This program is for high school athletes & is personalized programming that builds strength, speed, and resilience specifically geared towards making your child a better athlete. With a 3, 4, or 5-day per week program, each athlete will receive a program based on their needs and be coached by movement experts ensuring that they stay safe while training. 
Each program begins with an initial 3-day test assessing the athlete's strength, speed, endurance, and flexibility. We then track each individual's progress to make sure they are getting results from the work they are putting in. Open Gym access is included.

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Private Training

$40+ / Session*

Looking for added accountability or to take your fitness to the next level? Private training is a great way to improve your confidence in the gym or help you work through weakness with great efficiency. Our coaches love the opportunity to work 1-1 with our clients and see the results first hand. 

Please reach out to jeremy@2020.FIT

*Session rates vary based on the coach and duration

*Sessions range from 15 - 60 minutes


Providing the highest quality coaching and accountability, we work with corporate clients on site to make their workforce happier and healthier. Offering guidance on facility outfitting as well as daily programming and coaching to ensure employees are engaged & healthy so they're able to get a sweat and get back to work assuring your fitness facility doesn't collect dust and your workforce stays energized.


If you or your company are interested in taking your wellness program to the next level, please reach out to jon@2020.FIT

Easy, hassle free body composition test provided by 2020's inBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer. We have the capacity to quickly measure fat mass, muscle mass, and body water levels in just several minutes. No dunking. No pinching. No discomfort and accurate results.


For more information and to reserve a session, please reach out to jon@2020.FIT

Book your party at 2020FIT and your children will enjoy a fun-filled party - running, jumping, and playing games. All parties are supervised by one of our CrossFit coaches to ensure a fun and safe experience.


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Please make sure to register for class BEFORE you come into the gym. We ask that all drop-ins please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to class so we can get to know you and help you get acquainted with the gym.

Must be age 18 years or older to enroll. Children ages 5 to 17 years may be enrolled in our “Youth” or "Sports Performance" programs, with parent/guardian advance written consent. All training plans are non-transferable,

non-assignable, and non-saleable.

Plans are month-to-month and can be canceled without penalty with fifteen  (15) days advance written notice.

Note: For a complete list of 2020 FIT policies, rules, and regulations, please refer to the Waiver & Client Agreement. Have a specific question or concern? Feel free to contact us at