"June 8 marked my one year anniversary with 2020 and I can truly say it has changed me as a person. I joined after months of deliberation because I couldn’t get the same intensity out of solo workouts. I started going 3-5 times per week and quickly became addicted. My life as an ER doctor and father of two boys under two can be quite stressful. Having a set time to workout and be fit was a life saver. Not long after I joined (and started seeing results) my 28 week pregnant wife Nikki showed interest. Through some bargaining and manipulation (by Jon and me), she joined in September. We have since had that second boy and now. Nikki can be seen at classes most days.

If that’s not enough, this February my dad expressed interest. He wanted to know “what kind of stretches you do, is there any cardio, can he do the workouts, etc.” He is 62 years old with multiple prior orthopedic problems. After meeting Jon, Jeremy, Patty, and the others he joined and loves it as much as we do.

As a family we have reshaped our lives. We eat healthier, we exercise regularly, we relieve stress and we are better people because of 2020 fitness. Thank you for making us better."

-Dr. Clayton Wood