"Who plans what their fitness activity is going to be in their sixties? Certainly not me. After all, when I was in my thirties, forties and even fifties, sixty seemed light years away. Then, suddenly, I was celebrating my 60th birthday and I decided it was time to get my act together. I always had been active, running when I could fit it in my schedule, even training for two marathons, and attending a bootcamp class for years, but CrossFit? I never dreamed I would set foot in a CrossFit gym, but when I realized my almost 90-year-old mother had lost six inches in height and could barely open a jar without help, I decided it was time to listen to the experts who were saying strength training and flexibility were necessary for successful aging.

I turned to 2020 Fitness since it was close to home, and convinced my husband, John, to go with me. I quickly saw that it was more about doing the workouts with correct form than how much weight I was lifting. While it has been rewarding to increase the weight on my bar and master some moves in the gym, the best part has been my increased flexibility. The coaching staff is so knowledgeable and they give personal attention to everyone in the class. It amazes me how they will remember the sore muscle I had a few days ago or that I struggled with a workout last week and will offer suggestions to work at mastering it the next time. Recently, a lifelong back issue reappeared one Monday morning. I went to class but the coaches quickly pulled me from the workout and had me spend the hour doing mobility exercises instead. I kept with this routine for four days and was able to resume the workout by Friday. Need I say more about the attention and expertise available?

While I’m sure I am pretty close to the oldest female at the gym, I’ve never felt like anyone was singling me out because of my age, and when I need to scale back a workout, the coaches are always willing to provide an alternative. The encouraging atmosphere lets me know that everyone is hoping I will succeed and wants to help me in any way to get there. The camaraderie is outstanding and spills across all age levels from middle school students to my 68-year-old husband. I’ve definitely found my fitness home and I’ve told the coaches many times that I’m not going anywhere. In fact, I plan to be in the pilot class for 90-year-olds in 2044!"

-Chandler Moenius