To help you become more proficient at the Squat, Press and Olympic Lifts through 2 workouts per week completed in under 1 hour that still allow you to attend regular classes throughout the week


Currently our program consists of 2 workouts a week on a 4 week cycle. On day one our primary focus is dialing in the Snatch. On day two, we focus on the Clean & Jerk. Both days will include some form of Squat or Press and a fun little bonus at the end. 


If you want to be a part of a growing community of people striving to be strong, 2020 Barbell is for you.


Classes are offered Tuesday & Thursday at 6:00pm. 

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You should consult a doctor before engaging in any physical fitness program. You are responsible for your own health.


We want everyone to stay safe and healthy, and we have to remind you to use any information posted here at your own risk. We provide information, judgment calls, assumptions and recommendations that are appropriate for most athletes, but there are ALWAYS exceptions with every individual athlete, including you.

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