I never considered myself an athlete, so CrossFit was never on my radar. I spent years in gyms doing the “circuits” and following magazine and online workouts without seeing much in the way of results. I kept at it, though, thinking it was better than doing nothing. 


In 2014, I was diagnosed with cancer and after the resulting surgeries, it took nearly a year in physical therapy to get me back on my feet. I still did not feel as strong as I had before and I could not accept that. On the 2020 website I read some of these same testimonials coming from people just like me, who were seeing the benefits in strength and mobility that I was longing for. Out of fear of starting something so new and so out of the ordinary for me, I spent a few months just stalking the 2020 website. On the website, Jon asked that we give him at least three months and that seemed like a commitment I could handle. That was two years ago. 


In the past two years, I have seen dramatic changes - both mentally and physically. My goal was to get & stay strong but working out at 2020 has given me a new perspective on my overall health. I am making healthier choices with food, reducing stress, increasing mobility and increasing my strength. The coaches and the community, together, are an amazing source of encouragement, resources and challenges that make me want to be better and do better for myself and my family. 


When I started this journey, my family thought I was crazy. Like me, they thought CrossFit was for uber-athletes and hard-core health fanatics. They have witnessed my transformation, both in body composition and strength, and (most important to me), in confidence. Those changes, and how great I feel, have brought all of them to 2020 Fitness. My son trained for his Boy Scout High Adventure in the Boundary Waters last summer while my daughter trained to get stronger and build healthier habits. My husband is the most recent member of the family to join and has seen immediate benefits. The most exciting may be the ability to easily touch his toes after a mobility session. 


One of the many things I love about this gym is the atmosphere. It is family friendly, welcoming, and positive. We all have different goals but we all go for the same thing - to be our best self. We know 2020 Fitness will support, encourage and guide us the whole way.

-Alissa Blake